Ross Cessna

Ross Cessna Transformation Coach

I am Ross Cessna and I help depressed men find their authentic happiness in as little as one coaching session. Culture has sold us short on what happiness really means to us as men. You can have a great sex life, a high paying job, fancy cars or any other desire and still be miserable, regardless. I’m not offering you a perfect fairy tale life but one that has more moments of real happiness. Don’t worry ladies, I can help you too.

Early attempts at happiness

I’ve had the luxury of living a very eclectic life. I was miserable despite a great job, a nice car, a nice place to live, beautiful girlfriends and everyting else men suposedly need to be happy. Depression led me down a road of substance abuse and increasingly fewer paths to being authentically happy.

An empty existence

I finally realized I had to change because life was empty and meaningless. It’s not easy for a man in the world today to admit to themselves they are unhappy, let alone another man. By the same token, it’s not easy to live an empty existence day in and day out. Eventually, we have to decide what we want to do. Not making a decision is a decision but I chose to change.

How I can help you

For starters, I’ve survived depression and live a happy life with purpose today. Secondly, I’m not going to sell you some false hope of never having hard times, life is still going to show up. The difference between me and other coaches is I will give you tools and skills to deal with life. Finally, the methods I employ have a body of evidence supporting their effectiveness when they are used.