Ross Cessna

Ross Cessna a metaphysical multipreneur

Surely the world offers the ambitious a multitude of options to earn a living. With this in mind, Ross Cessna has decided to take the road less traveled and pursue his passions for profit. His personal path to liberation from the insanity of his life came through creativity, spirituality, and magic. As a result, Ross is willing to hang a lantern on the intersections of magic, mental illness, and spirituality to illuminate that path for others.

Back story

By and large travel, substance abuse, and untreated mental illness have been major catalysts for Ross’ change. Ultimately, his travels took him to an isolated portion of the West coast where a mental breakdown changed his life forever. As a result, Ross was uprooted and sent on a path of self reflection and discvoey that would eventually give him a whole new life. Now with the experience of a full-on metaphysical miracle, Ross seeks to share his gifts.

Life today

For the most part, the madness of his past soothed Ross’ focus today is on integrating into society. While his experiences and perspective will keep him on the fringe, he strives to offer insights to those seeking guidance. After all, he understands he can only keep what he has by giving it away.